I meet quite a few high school seniors in my line of work, and I always find something interesting about all of them. Usually, it’s something surprising that maybe I wouldn’t have guessed, and I always love finding out the little tidbits that make them who they are. Hanna’s interesting fact is that she wants to work for a record company one day, and deal with public relations! I loved this unique career aspiration, and know she would be perfect for the job with her sunny personality and kind spirit. Hannah is part of the Class of 2017, and she describes herself as, “loving, sensitive, and honest”. 

During her time in school, she was part of both choir and theater, and she’s passionate about music and the arts, as well as their influence in her life. Hanna enjoys listening to music in her free time, and you’d probably find her with friends if she had a free afternoon. Reading is also something she enjoys, and she adds, “A book that changed my life would be Sisters Grimm. It was really the first book that I ever had that made me fall in love with reading!” Hanna says that her mom is her personal role model, because of her positive attitude and outlook on life, and that she herself would like to be remembered for the same traits in twenty years. This girl is as sweet as she is beautiful, and I feel lucky to have crossed paths with her. These days, she is attending Sam Houston University, and is a member of Alpha Chi Omega. 

Hanna, thanks for lending your light and love to me for a little bit during our shoot. I am so proud of the young lady you are!

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