You met Olivia on our blog just a few weeks ago, and now it's time to meet her twin, Katia (find Olivia's blog here). Both girls are just such loving and beautiful young ladies, I know their parents must be so proud. She also attends Foster High School, and is a member of the Class of 2017.  When I asked her to describe herself, Katia says the words that come to mind would be, "outgoing, funny, and caring", and I'd have to agree; her spunk and bright spirit really came through in our time together of her shoot. Like her sister, Katia enjoys reading, and says her recent pick (Lone Survivor), really affected her with it's message about looking out for each other.  "In the future, I hope my classmates and friends remember me as someone that put others first, and that I was a giving person", she explains, "Someone I really look up to is my stepdad, Daniel, who always works hard and pushes me to go for things I wouldn't do on my own."

For her photos, it was important to Katia that she looked like herself, and with a touch of bohemian style. I was able to integrate her unique style with a variety of locations, and I loved the aged wood backdrop that accented her fun red, off the shoulder top. One of her favorite items in her current closet are her wedge shoes, and one of her favorite parts of fashion would be makeup! I loved her elegant and classic look that worked so well with her stylish glasses. She has a very bright future ahead of her, and I know she will surely achieve her dream to become a pediatrician. If you are looking for a senior photographer, I would love to talk with you. One of my specialties is making every senior feel special and confident. I love incorporating different locations, discussing your personal style, and the things that you are passionate about, to give you the senior shoot that you've been thinking about for your four years of high school! Contact me today!

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