Most of my clients begin dreaming about their senior session during sophomore or junior year, but some begin as early as freshman year! It’s because your senior photos mark a momentous time in your life; a time that is irreplaceable and special. There are so many things that call for your time and attention during high school, including college applications, scholarship interviews, part-time jobs, etc, but I always encourage my clients to think about what they want their senior photos to look like. It’s important that you know what you want, so you can communicate to your photographer, the things you love and want to include.  

I’ve seen enough standard school photos, or senior photos that look posed and stiff, and I know you want more than that! Whether you want a retro feel, something that incorporates sports or music/hobbies, or a big accomplishment, we can work it into your shoot to make it a reflection of you. This beautiful girl had a few different themes, including glam/vintage hollywood feel, and then some images in Downtown Houston. We also did some studio photos indoors, that came out beautifully. All of them reflected some part of her personality…that’s what I hope for all of my clients! These also really capture true emotions, and I loved her thoughtful expressions.

Of course, to begin planning your perfect shoot, you have to contact me! Let's get started today!

Creations by Jewel_Senior Girl Vintage Hollywood.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Senior Girl Glam.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Houston Texas_Senior Portrait.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Senior girl_black and white.jpg
Creations by Jewel_black and white_glamour.jpg