From the moment I met Meredith, I just knew that we would get along famously. I was right! She graduated as part of the Class of 2017 from Foster High School, and has the most gorgeous smile. She seems a bit older than her age, because she carries a wisdom with her, and she has such a generous spirit. She really loved her time at Foster High, and especially enjoyed being part of Flairs Drill team during her time there. “I’d say my personality is very social, creative, and motherly”, explains Meredith, “I really look up to people like my mom, who is incredibly hardworking and caring. I dream of one day being a mother myself.” She also shared with me that she hopes her high school classmates remember has as being someone who treated others well. 

We found the perfect location for her senior photos in Richmond, Texas: an abandoned house rich with textures, backdrops and vintage stylings. She really wanted to look “beautiful” for her senior photos, and I think we did just that..of course, she’s a natural beauty, so that part was easy. Meredith enjoys wearing colors like navy and mint green, and I loved every outfit she brought with her for her session wardrobe. She looked very elegant and grown-up, but still kept her individual style. Besides school, she says she loves watching tv, reading books (she loved the book “The Outsiders”), and wants to meet Ellen Degeneres one day! 

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