The recent events in Texas and Florida have shaken all of us up, and shown us that tomorrow isn't guaranteed, and that we have to come together, regardless of differences in opinions. As I write this, I am still processing the emotions that have swept me along, and am trying to work through them. We are all horrified at the recent tragedies that have fallen on our closely-knit state, and we are all left wondering: how long will it take to recover? As a creative, and as an artist who feels deeply, it is easy to feel a bit helpless. I know art can make a difference, but it's often hard to find those opportunities practically, and that's what I want to talk about today.

People say Texans are resilient and strong, and that's the truth. We have a lot of pride in our great home state, and a lot of faith in our neighbors...and, our "neighborhood" has become larger than we ever imagined. We all have different ways to help because we all have different skills. Maybe you have helped clean up the debris that piled up, maybe you have brought food to the shelters, or you are a carpenter who is helping rebuild and repair homes. As a photographer, I knew I could also utilize my skill set, so I am working with the LCISD Director of Common Threads to assist high school seniors that have been displaced due to the storm. 

Creations by Jewel will be donating ten senior photo sessions to the LCISD high school senior community.  If you know a senior student that attends Lamar Consolidated ISD, and has been displaced due to Hurricane Harvey, and could benefit from this opportunity you may email Jill Duban to submit their name for consideration.   #HurricaneHarveyRelief #TexasStrong