This is a pretty special blog for me, and I'll try to not get too emotional :) This is my youngest, Dalton, who was part of the Class of 2017. As a photographer, it's my job to capture these amazing milestones for proud parents and their seniors, but it's even more special when it's my own child. Dalton describes himself as "intelligent, hardworking, and athletic, and I'd have to agree. He participated in Jiu-Jitsu during high school, and loves reading and working out as his pastimes. Something that really made me extra proud was that he cited his dad and I as his hero, and said "My dad and mom are people I look up to, because my dad worked up from the bottom, and raised three kids, while working and getting his degree." He is interested in math and science careers, and says one book that changed his life would be "The Imitation Game". Of course there are so many things I could say about my wonderful son, but I will let his images speak for themselves. 

I think as a parent, I get a special peek into what it's like to have a teen who is preparing for senior year. I always try to make the experience special for both parents or guardians and their graduating teen, because I know firsthand how fast the time goes by. I always approach every session as both a mom and an artist, because well, both are pretty meaningful to me. I know the anxiety and stress that can accompany senior shoots, and I try to alleviate that, as well.

Dalton, we are so abundantly proud of you, and I hope you always remember that truth. You are going to change the world, just as you hope to, and I will be here watching and cheering you on! Love, Mom. 

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