As soon as I found out what a talented dancer Kathryn was, I began dreaming up how to incorporate her passion and skill into her shoot, in a creative way. I knew that such a smart, stylish, and amazing young woman would require me to truly bring my A-game (though I always try to bring that to my sessions!). Sure enough, Kathryn didn’t disappoint, and I think we really were able to capture every aspect of her wonderful personality! She’s a graduate of Foster High School, and during her time there, she was part of the National Honor Society, and the Foster Flairs drill team (where she was a Colonel). “One obstacle I faced in high school was keeping up with my extra-curricular activities”, she explained, “I also needed to maintain good grades, and I really learned the art of time management. My dance teacher, Mr. Adamson, was instrumental in teaching me grace, commitment, and perseverance.” 

As someone who describes herself as “determined, optimistic, and passionate”, she shared that she hoped her classmates would remember her as someone who was passionate about animals, and committed to dance.” Besides her many academic pursuits, she also enjoyed working with the Adamson Ballet Company, and working as a veterinarian assistant. “My dream job would certainly be a veterinarian, or a dance teacher,” she added. A few other things about Kathryn; she says her favorite place on earth would be Hawaii, and that her favorite color is maroon. She also loves Daryl Dixon (from the Walking Dead), and enjoys going to the movies when she has a day off. 

A special thanks to this beautiful young lady for choosing me to be her senior photographer, and giving me the honor of designing this special moment in your life!