Foster High School is one of our area schools, and has great programs for all of it’s many students! It’s located in Richmond, Texas, and has a rich history behind the story of the founders. Many of our local high schoolers have called it home, including this guy, Nathan Haley. He is a graduate from Foster High School, and is now attending Texas Lutheran University. During his time in high school, he participated in golf, and says “the golf course is my favorite place on earth.” He has a big personality, and would describe himself as, “outgoing, competitive, and friendly”. Although high school was a really positive experience and he didn’t have many obstacles, he worked quite hard to keep his grades up and dreams of one day starting up his own business. “The Internship really was a book that was impactful to me”, he explains, “I also greatly look up to my dad. He is someone who is really knowledgeable, and looks at things different than other people.” Among his other favorites are: President Donald Trump, his Patagonia hoodie, and celebrity Jennifer Lawrence. 

I loved meeting him, and integrating all of his many accomplishments into this shoot. I especially liked adding in his varsity jacket that proudly showed off his state qualification in golf. One of the main things I express to my senior clients, is my personal desire to show off the many sides of being a senior in high school; whether that's sports, art, music, or career preparation. I am so proud to work with high schoolers, and feel grateful to be a part of their lives. 

I know Nathan has a very full time ahead of him at Texas Lutheran!

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