I may be aging myself by saying this, but when I saw these finished images, I thought of the song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", because we had such a great time. Allie is a beautiful gal you may have previously seen here on the blog. If you missed her earlier blogs, you can read them HERE and HERE, and read more about the vision behind my senior photography.  She is such a wonderful young woman, and one of my favorite people to work with, because of her great attitude. Attitude really is everything when it comes to senior photos, and being up for whatever comes your way, or when inspiration strikes! This shoot was truly "just for fun", and it was everything we hoped.

I was able to utilize The West Studios for this session, which is one of my favorite places to shoot. It is a gorgeous space that photographers can rent when they want a white, natural light setting for a fun shoot like this one. We chose several outfits and props for Allie, and I loved the feel of her tie and hat ensemble. She also looked adorable when we added some cheery headphones for an editorial style series. As you can see from her earlier blogs, she really can pull off any look we tried, from retro hollywood glam to classic black-and-white photos. 

I hope these brighten your week! If you have something special in mind for a shoot of your own, please let me know. I love helping make your dreams come to life, and I truly try to listen to every idea, no matter how involved they might be!

Creations by Jewel_Senior girls_Houston Texas.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Houston_West Studio_Star Wars_comic book.jpg
Creations by Jewel _Senior girl_fun_dance.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Senior_Houston Texas_confetti fun.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Senior_fun_comic books_M&Ms.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Senior girls photos_mirror.jpg