Ohhh, those teen years. I honestly don't know if given the chance, that I'd want to return to junior high. It can be so hard to maintain your own values, make and keep friends, and of course, focus on your schoolwork...all while dealing with peer pressure and a busier schedule than I remember having at that young age. But while there are many challenges of being a teen, I've found that I also love meeting and photographing junior highers and teens, because they remind me how there are so many amazing young people in the world. Sure, there are teens in the news for all sorts of horrible things, but the overwhelming sense I get as a senior and teen photographer is that they are bright, funny, kind, and lovely. They have big dreams and even bigger hearts. Kayla is one of those amazing 8th graders who I was lucky enough to photograph. She attends Briscoe Junior High School, and loves playing school sports and participating in gymnastics. 

"Honest, kind, and calm-natured" were the words Kayla used to describe herself, and I would agree. She cares deeply for her friends, and spending time with them is her ideal afternoon. "In twenty years, I hope my friends and family can look back and remember me as someone who was very positive", says Kayla. After she finished junior high and high school, she would love to become a veterinarian someday. For this teen session, she wanted photos that conveyed a "country" feel, and we found a wooded area, and a pretty field that captured that for her. She wore pretty tones of brown and blues, and it all worked together perfectly. 

Kayla, you are a delightful young woman, and I can't wait to see how your next few years unfold!

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