When a session pushes me to be creative, and come up with fresh ideas, it’s always exciting to me. So, when Tyler shared that he loves trains, the Rosenberg Railroad Museum was the perfect choice for an unique senior session. The Railroad Museum is nestled in downtown Rosenberg, and is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. There are endless things to look at, including scale models of trains, and a restored, historic railcar. It was opened sixteen years ago, but many of the models and acquisitions took many years to put together before the first visitor. I loved it, and enjoyed looking at the many exhibits as we did Tyler’s session. Tyler is part of the graduating class from Foster High School, and is part of the high school band. “Fun, creative, and adventurous” are the words he’d use to describe himself, and he dreams of one day being a train engineer. 

Tyler looks up to his dad, because of the way he pushes him to be his best, and hopes his classmates remember him as a great friend. He was really excited for his senior session, which made my job pretty great. He is a really kind young man, and has a very quick smile. Of course, his love of trains made him very comfortable on the museum grounds. If you are a parent of a senior (or a senior yourself), you may be wondering how to incorporate your passions and hobbies. Perhaps you love something like trains or music, and I'd love to know that when you book with me. I can scout out special locations, or think up new ways to add in your props or ideas...it's one of my favorite things to be able to customize your shoot!

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