Foster High School is home to some of the loveliest people around. Case in point, some of those people are the ladies that make up the Flairs, a dance team that I had the privilege of photographing. This is the second time I was able to do a ‘mini shoot’ with the girls, and each time it gets more fun! These ladies are some of the most talented I know, and they’re incredibly active. They do tons of halftime shows, and when they’re not performing, they’re competing against their rivals. This is the third year I’ve donated sessions to their silent auction to raise funds, and I’ve loved making an album of them to donate as well. I love supporting such wonderful people!

These gals are so full of passion. You can see it in their smiles, and I loved capturing the spirit of their team. We went to this lovely woodsy location that had a wonderful atmosphere and color palette. I did individual portraits as well as some with everyone together, and I love seeing how unique each of these ladies are. It was such a joy working with them again, and watching how they interact as a group was a treat. One of my favorite things about my job is meeting people. It’s a passion of mine to get to know you, and I think of my portraits as reflections of who you are. Spending time with people like those that make up the Flairs is truly wonderful!

I love to support people who are hard-working, kind, skilled, and so pleasant to be around, and the Flairs fit the description perfectly. You can see all of those wonderful qualities in the pictures below. I can’t wait to see them again, and I wish the Flairs all the best in the world!

creationsbyjewel_Richmond Texas_dance team.jpg
creations by jewel_dancer_Gaby_Foster High School.jpg
creations by jewel_Karina_FosterFalcons_Flairs_dance.jpg
creations by jewel_Samantha_Flairs_dance team_Richmond Texas.jpg
creations by jewel_Senior photos_dance_Hannah.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Sierra_FosterFlairs_dance team_Texas.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Tohnnia_dance_Foster High School.jpg