Procrastination is never an ideal habit, but if you're procrastinating in senior year, it may cost you....literally and figuratively. Some of the biggest deadlines of your life will occur in senior year, and they can truly chart the course ahead of you. That senior project can teach you diligence and hard work and can impact your G.P.A., those scholarship deadlines can help you avoid a mound of student loan debt, and deadlines to visit colleges or job prospects can land you the situation you've dreamed of. But there is one deadline and priority you may be forgetting about: your senior photos. Yes, it's true. And, if you're smart, you'll find that awesome photographer early's why:

-Booking early gets you the best date possible: Just like a wedding venue, looking around early on and checking out all your options means that you're more likely to find what you're wanting. And, if you have a particular season (like the heat of summer or the pretty leaves of fall) in mind, then you'll need to book early on to snag the best dates. Booking early also ensures you will be some of the first to have your images done and ready to show off to friends and family. 


-Finding your photographer early makes sure that you're first: If you are trying a new prop, have an innovative idea, or doing something unique, you want to be the first one to do so! Instead of looking like you followed the trends of your friends, you will be the trend setter! They will probably want to follow in your footsteps, and they may even use your images as examples! This is great for the fashion-forward senior who wants to make a strong impression.

-Booking your senior shoot early means you're ready for things that need photos: By doing your senior photos early on, you will be prepared for graduation announcements early, and have them ready to be mailed out on time. This also benefits you because your friends and family can get your invites and party invitations early and put them on the calendar. In addition, you will have gorgeous photos to use for job interviews, scholarship applications, headshots, or anything else you may need. If your school allows, you will also have your senior portrait ready for the yearbook that you'll treasure for years.


-Finding your photographer early gives you time to save money: Knowing just how much your senior photos will cost (packages, products, etc) will give you a tangible amount to begin saving for or paying off. Sometimes, this means that you will be able to purchase more images and heirloom items than if you waited till the last minute, when your wallet and your expenses are tightened up. If you're not the one footing the bill, then it will give you time to help discuss the budget with your family, and decide how much to set aside.

-Getting your photographer booked helps you plan your wardrobe: Knowing when and where your session is will prepare you for finding your awesome outfits. If you're a guy, you may not be too excited about this, but you definitely do not want to be looking for a cool outfit the day before your session by booking too late. Preparing for your senior session very early means you can find that "dream dress" and not worry about getting it in the mail in time, or needing alterations. 

As you can see, the earlier you book with us, the better! Contact us today to make it happen, and we will help you find the best time available!