Our heroes and the people we look up to, often show a lot about ourselves and our priorities. Sometimes they are celebrities (which is totally okay), but oftentimes, they are just regular people who have influenced us in positive and amazing ways. I have found more often than not, the people that my high school clients list as their biggest heroes are their parents or their coaches. Megan is no different; and shared that the two people who have changed her life the most have been her mom ( who is “strong and hardworking”) and her head athletic trainer, Tiffany. I love that, because when regular, everyday heroes are our role models, we know we can strive to be like them. This lovely young lady is a senior at Foster High School, and she is an exceptional athlete. She is part of the athletic training program, the National Honor Society, and the Pals program at Foster, and she is passionate about all her pursuits. One important obstacle that she has pushed through has been the challenges of being an athletic trainer during high school, and how it helped her be a better leader. 

Her favorite highlight of her four years of school would be the football season of her sophomore year, because “of the friends I made and the friends I grew closer with during the long, undefeated season”. Another one would be when the football team made it to the state semi finals. Although they were narrowly defeated, it was one of her favorite games, and such an exciting time to be part of the student body. Throughout her four years in school, she has also honed plans to become a physical therapist after graduation, and hopes to attend Texas State University. “My favorite quote is a little cliche, but I live my life by it”, she adds, “It is that God has a plan for all of us, and we should trust Him to lead us in the right direction”. I know these words are definitely true for her, and I can’t wait to see where her path leads. In five years, she hopes to be getting into physical therapy school.  I know she will be successful in whatever she does, and I loved creating these images with her!

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