Here in the great state of Texas, we know how to beat the heat year round but sometimes, we need new things to keep us busy! Whether you’re brand new to our gorgeous area, or you’ve lived here for ages, you might enjoy this list of things to do as you make your summer bucket list!

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor: This water park started as “wet and wild” splash park, and has since become one of the Six Flags attractions. It’s even better now, with improved rides and things to do, and you can even sign up for their new “meal plan” to enjoy it all summer long. Don’t miss the Vortex and Tornado rides, where you can beat the Houston heat while enjoying heart-stopping thrills!

Top Golf: These unique spots are popping up all over the US, because they are so much fun! It combines the fun of golf and skee-ball, with an interactive environment complete with food and drinks. You will love gathering with your friends and family to try this new take on the outdated mini-golf.

Escape rooms: These are the ultimate thing to do with friends or family. Consider trying an escape room with your graduating class, your best friends before your graduate, or for a family reunion! Most allow players of all ages to pair up with older ones if needed, and you can choose a more tame theme for something family-friendly. There are even some super spooky ones if you want to go around Halloween!

Space Center Houston: You can take a guided tour to the space center, where you’ll visit America’s history with the NASA space program, or you can simply head there yourself to view the many replicas and historical pieces (including rocks brought back from actual missions). TripAdvisor offers the specialty guided tours, that also include the Johnston space center as well. 

Photography tour: TripAdvisor also offers the Mural Tour, which is perfect for any influencers or Instagram-lovers! You’ll see some of the coolest paintings, artwork, walls and more that you can hop off and document immediately. It’s about 30 minutes long, and ends with a sweet treat. Well worth the $65 price tag, and perfect for gathering up your girlfriends and your smart phones!

Pack brunch and a picnic: There are countless, gorgeous parks in the Houston area, and all you have to do is head to a local grocer (we love Whole Foods) to snag your favorite goodies for the perfect summer afternoon. We recommend picking up salamis, fruit, cheese, crackers, sparkling water, and Marconi almonds for the best lunch spread ever. Then, decide whether you want to go to Discovery Park, Memorial Park, or Buffalo Bayou for your perfect lunch. 

Sunset movies at Rooftop Cinema Club: This is such a super-chic way to enjoy a movie. They screen classic and new movies, but the seats are limited so you’ll have to get there early. There are snacks available for purchase, and everyone gets wireless headphones so you can hear the movie and watch the sunset. It’s a one of a kind experience!