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William | Foster High School Senior

It’s hard to believe that we have already reached the last of my 2018 seniors, but here we are! I also can’t believe how many amazing young people I have been blessed to work with this year. William, who graduated this spring, is from Foster High School, and really made the most of his years there. He was involved in typical activities like swimming, water polo, and the National Honor Society, which of course are commendable and took tons of hard work…but the main thing I was so impressed with is that he put in over 500 hours of volunteer hours in high school. He was part of a youth education effort at the Houston Zoo, and he tutored at his school (in all levels of math). In addition to these pursuits, he put in time coaching the 12 and under water polo team, and worked tirelessly with the Junior Olympics program in California. I was astonished at the sheer amount of time he put into his volunteer work, and how incredible it is to find such a selfless young man. He’s also a delightful person to be around, and I truly loved his mom as well! William is nicknamed “The Great White Whale” because of his prowess in water polo, and he will be attending Austin College in Sherman, Texas to continue his passion for the sport. In his future, he dreams of one day becoming a professor.

I knew such an extraordinary senior would need a cool and unique place to do his session, so you might be surprised to know that we did his shoot at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, because their front porch location is beautiful. It might seem odd to choose that spot, but I always try to look for the potential in a locale anywhere I go. It leads me to some of the best and most unexpected places, that my seniors totally love. William, I am so proud of your accomplishments, but moreso for your character. I know you will be an incredible asset to Austin College, where they are so lucky to have your intellect and your heart! Congratulations!

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Elise | Houston Senior Photographer

I once read that creativity is like food for the soul, and that when you're an artist, amazing projects feed your heart. That is how I felt about this session with Elise, where I got to really spread my creative wings and make some art. At the core of who I am and what I do, getting to dream big has always been part of the process. There is nothing I love more than planning, scheming, and putting together something absolutely different than what I have tried before. We utilized a gorgeous Houston studio, where I was able to work with our fabulous makeup artist Kaitlyn to bring this my makeup vision to life. Elise was fabulous, and was willing to try just about anything to achieve an edgy and stylish feel. I especially love the photo of her mom taking her photo, because it captured the fun we were all having on set!

Beautiful Elise is graduating as part of the class of 2020 from Foster High School. She's an incredible athlete, participating in swim and volleyball, and she enjoys being with her friends in her spare time. She also has a flair for great makeup looks, and is always up on the newest makeup trends (I'm sure she could teach me a thing or two!). I think she's got quite a lot of creativity herself, and she utilizes her seemingly endless energy by practicing her makeup skills and dreaming of doing interior or fashion design one day. As her last summer job, she also worked as a lifeguard. I really loved her denim on denim pairing here, and her super gorgeous Kendra Scott earrings (one of my favorite pieces). The shimmery red and gold makeup has a bit of a Hunger Games feel, and was "fiery", just like my lovely model! 

I hope to be sharing more creative and styled shoots here on the blog, so stay tuned! I have plenty of dreaming still up my sleeve!

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Allie's Fun Senior Shoot - Senior Photos in Houston, Texas

I may be aging myself by saying this, but when I saw these finished images, I thought of the song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", because we had such a great time. Allie is a beautiful gal you may have previously seen here on the blog. If you missed her earlier blogs, you can read them HERE and HERE, and read more about the vision behind my senior photography.  She is such a wonderful young woman, and one of my favorite people to work with, because of her great attitude. Attitude really is everything when it comes to senior photos, and being up for whatever comes your way, or when inspiration strikes! This shoot was truly "just for fun", and it was everything we hoped.

I was able to utilize The West Studios for this session, which is one of my favorite places to shoot. It is a gorgeous space that photographers can rent when they want a white, natural light setting for a fun shoot like this one. We chose several outfits and props for Allie, and I loved the feel of her tie and hat ensemble. She also looked adorable when we added some cheery headphones for an editorial style series. As you can see from her earlier blogs, she really can pull off any look we tried, from retro hollywood glam to classic black-and-white photos. 

I hope these brighten your week! If you have something special in mind for a shoot of your own, please let me know. I love helping make your dreams come to life, and I truly try to listen to every idea, no matter how involved they might be!

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Nathan - Foster High School Seniors

Foster High School is one of our area schools, and has great programs for all of it’s many students! It’s located in Richmond, Texas, and has a rich history behind the story of the founders. Many of our local high schoolers have called it home, including this guy, Nathan Haley. He is a graduate from Foster High School, and is now attending Texas Lutheran University. During his time in high school, he participated in golf, and says “the golf course is my favorite place on earth.” He has a big personality, and would describe himself as, “outgoing, competitive, and friendly”. Although high school was a really positive experience and he didn’t have many obstacles, he worked quite hard to keep his grades up and dreams of one day starting up his own business. “The Internship really was a book that was impactful to me”, he explains, “I also greatly look up to my dad. He is someone who is really knowledgeable, and looks at things different than other people.” Among his other favorites are: President Donald Trump, his Patagonia hoodie, and celebrity Jennifer Lawrence. 

I loved meeting him, and integrating all of his many accomplishments into this shoot. I especially liked adding in his varsity jacket that proudly showed off his state qualification in golf. One of the main things I express to my senior clients, is my personal desire to show off the many sides of being a senior in high school; whether that's sports, art, music, or career preparation. I am so proud to work with high schoolers, and feel grateful to be a part of their lives. 

I know Nathan has a very full time ahead of him at Texas Lutheran!

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Calling my 2019 Seniors!

Do you hear it? Yes, it's true! The sound of graduation is coming, faster than you might imagine. And while college applications, SAT scores, or the weight of senior year may be occupying your mind, it's never too early to think about senior portraits. I am delighted to be opening my applications for my senior team, and want to share what makes it so special! 

I know there are many senior photographers vying for your attention, but I believe every senior who chooses me is in for something extra special...something irreplaceable. It's all rooted in my belief that senior portraits come hand-in-hand with the senior portraits experience, and it's about much more than just photos. It's about confidence, beauty, and your individual passions. It's about being able to look back in years to come, with no regrets, and only happy memories of your senior session. Ready to hear more about my 2019 Squad?

To be part of my 2019 Gem Squad:

  • You must be a member of the Class of 2019 (woohoo!) 
  • You must represent Creations by Jewel exclusively, and only use CBJ for your senior portraits.
  • You need to be available for our amazing squad mini session in the Spring of 2018
  • You need to be ready to use your Creations by Jewel images for your social profiles
  • Participate in fun contests
  • Attending mandatory parent/senior informational session 
  • Follow me on social media to stay up to date!
  • Pay a session fee of $200
  • Your session fee includes: makeup for one mini and your solo senior session, gatherings, swag bag, your official squad tee, session premiere to view your final galleries (Does not include digital images, prints or products)

Why join the Gem Squad?

  • You receive not one but TWO sessions (your spring mini and your full session WITH pro makeup!)
  • Additional mini sessions/themed sessions with the squad
  • Customized smartphone all to show off your images to friends and family
  • Exclusive swag bag with goodies, and exclusive tee!
  • Gatherings, activities, and fun contests just for members 
  • CASH for referrals!
  • Mini family session that your parent or guardian will LOVE!
  • Not only that, but we are collaborating with Backwater Boutique to make your senior year even more fabulous and stylish! Because of their support, you will receive modeling opportunities, a discount card for purchases made at the boutique (while you are a squad member), and exclusive sales!
  • At your informational session, we will also share the opportunity for you to add on a destination session!


I can't wait to share more about what truly sets us apart, but you will need to sign up soon. Our spots fill quickly, and we definitely don't want you to miss out!

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Three Things to Think About - Senior Photos in Downtown Houston

Allie was such a beautiful model, I wanted to share part two of her portrait session with you! You met her in THIS BLOG,  and more of her retro Hollywood glam session are below. I wanted to also share three things to think about when you begin or continue your search for your senior photographer (though I hope your search stops with me!). 

1) Your style: I hope you have taken time to browse my portfolio and previous blogs, in order to see my style and posing examples! I want my styling and session design to really match what you are hoping for, and knowing in advance is key to success! I also love for my clients to fill me in on their own personal style when it comes to hair and makeup, so we can make sure we are the perfect fit.

2) What you'll use your images for: I always want parents or guardians to get involved at this point, because sometimes seniors need photos for certain things, and don't realize what their parents may want! Some parents can't wait to display large art prints or wall hangings, while others can't wait to mail off graduation announcements. Occasionally, seniors just want a great yearbook photo, and others want prints to hand out to friends. It's really important to know what you'll be using your images for. 

3) The experience you want: Every senior is different, but every session goal is the same for me: an experience you won't forget. I want every client to walk away knowing they will be thrilled with their images, and that they would recommend me to a friend because of the fun they had! No matter who you choose as your senior photographer, these three things are important when you consider who might be best!

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Dalton - Senior Photography in Houston, Texas

This is a pretty special blog for me, and I'll try to not get too emotional :) This is my youngest, Dalton, who was part of the Class of 2017. As a photographer, it's my job to capture these amazing milestones for proud parents and their seniors, but it's even more special when it's my own child. Dalton describes himself as "intelligent, hardworking, and athletic, and I'd have to agree. He participated in Jiu-Jitsu during high school, and loves reading and working out as his pastimes. Something that really made me extra proud was that he cited his dad and I as his hero, and said "My dad and mom are people I look up to, because my dad worked up from the bottom, and raised three kids, while working and getting his degree." He is interested in math and science careers, and says one book that changed his life would be "The Imitation Game". Of course there are so many things I could say about my wonderful son, but I will let his images speak for themselves. 

I think as a parent, I get a special peek into what it's like to have a teen who is preparing for senior year. I always try to make the experience special for both parents or guardians and their graduating teen, because I know firsthand how fast the time goes by. I always approach every session as both a mom and an artist, because well, both are pretty meaningful to me. I know the anxiety and stress that can accompany senior shoots, and I try to alleviate that, as well.

Dalton, we are so abundantly proud of you, and I hope you always remember that truth. You are going to change the world, just as you hope to, and I will be here watching and cheering you on! Love, Mom. 

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Lauren's Senior Session - Katy Texas Senior Photographer

A beautiful girl and a gorgeous pair of boots...Now, that's a pairing that set the stage for the perfect senior shoot here in Texas! Lovely senior Lauren is a graduate of Foster High School, where she loves participating in cheerleading. "I was a competitive cheerleader for almost ten years", she explained, "I became a school cheerleader, and experienced quite a bit of drama as team captain. I overcame these struggles by staying focused." Lauren also describes her time as a competitive cheerleader as "having a team who was like a family". Besides cheer, she enjoys being involved in FFA, 4-H, and the National Honor Society. I know her friendly, loyal, and fun personality is surely an asset in every activity she is involved in! 

As a teenager, Lauren believes it is important to be involved in current events, and says, "I enjoy watching Jessie Watters on Fox News, and I think there are many young people who aren't paying attention in school or to current events. It is important to know what is going on around you!" When she has a free afternoon, this grad enjoys reading and listening to music, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. Besides her parents, Lauren also considers Dr. Pol (a famous veterinary doctor) one of her role models, as she wants to become a veterinarian in the future. Texas A&M is her new college home, and she's very excited to get started on her future aspirations. 

Did you know that Lauren found my images on Instagram when she was looking for a senior photographer? She told me it was the "glamour and country" stylings that she fell in love with! You can find our Instagram HERE!

Creations by Jewel_Senior Girl images_Richmond Texas.jpg
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The Senior Shoot You Dream Of! | Houston Texas Senior Photos

Most of my clients begin dreaming about their senior session during sophomore or junior year, but some begin as early as freshman year! It’s because your senior photos mark a momentous time in your life; a time that is irreplaceable and special. There are so many things that call for your time and attention during high school, including college applications, scholarship interviews, part-time jobs, etc, but I always encourage my clients to think about what they want their senior photos to look like. It’s important that you know what you want, so you can communicate to your photographer, the things you love and want to include.  

I’ve seen enough standard school photos, or senior photos that look posed and stiff, and I know you want more than that! Whether you want a retro feel, something that incorporates sports or music/hobbies, or a big accomplishment, we can work it into your shoot to make it a reflection of you. This beautiful girl had a few different themes, including glam/vintage hollywood feel, and then some images in Downtown Houston. We also did some studio photos indoors, that came out beautifully. All of them reflected some part of her personality…that’s what I hope for all of my clients! These also really capture true emotions, and I loved her thoughtful expressions.

Of course, to begin planning your perfect shoot, you have to contact me! Let's get started today!

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Jordan's Senior Session | Texas Senior Photographer

It’s pretty fitting that this amazing senior chose such a colorful top for one of her outfits, because she’s got the personality to match! Jordan approaches life with lots of zeal, passion, and wow, is she excelling! She’s a recent graduate, who overcame an interesting challenge during high school: “We actually had to move in the middle of my senior year, but I ended up loving it!” She approaches much of life with that sort of positivity, and I loved working with her. At her school, she was part of the Interact Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Rho Kappa, the National English Honor Society, the National Honor Society, Beta Club, the Hispanic Honor Society, Big Sister Club, LEO Club, and the Honor Choir! Whew! Somehow, she also found time to be part of the student leadership, as well. I think her incredible work ethic will serve her well, because she hopes to attend law school in the future. 

“I would say my personality is hardworking, independent, and fun”, says Jordan, “I like to read, and found the book Night by Elie Wiesel to be so inspiring; he wrote about his experiences during the Holocaust, and it made me realize how amazing my life truly is. Elie Wiesel is someone who really inspires me”. In her free time, you’ll likely find this sweet girl watching tv, sleeping, or dreaming of the beach! Some of her other favorites include songs by Ed Sheeran, movies with Tom Hanks, and of course, Harry Potter. 

For her session, we chose a few different locations that matched her fun wardrobe, and Jordan brought a stunning smile and a great attitude! Jordan, I loved working with you, and wish you so much success and great things in your future. I have no doubt you'll make an incredible lawyer!

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