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Twenties-Inspired Session

“They were smart and sophisticated, with an air of independence
about them, and so casual about their looks and clothes and manners as to be almost
slapdash. I don't know if I realized as soon as I began seeing them that they represented
the wave of the future, but I do know I was drawn to them.
I shared their restlessness, understood their determination to free themselves
of the Victorian shackles of the pre-World War I era and find out for themselves what
life was all about.”  ― 
Colleen Moore

There is nothing more glamorous and exciting than the roaring twenties!  That’s what made it such a perfect choice for Abby and Jamie’s styled shoot. Abby chose the decade, and we really went to town with their outfits and accessories to achieve an authentic look. We chose long strings of pearls and beaded headpieces, and the girls had gorgeous beaded and fringed gowns. Their makeup was extremely polished and classic, and was done by Kaitlyn, whose talents are simply unmatched. I loved the defined brows and elegant lipstick. 

Did you know that a decade is a great theme for a senior shoot? You can help dream up how to achieve the look you want, whether it’s nineties grunge or eighties awesome. I love incorporating a special era into your shoot, and enjoy the challenge of bringing it to life. If you aren’t a senior, but have an idea for a fashion shoot, you can always reach out to us to book a stylized session. 

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