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Maycie | Senior Photography in Texas

Control. It’s a big part of our lives, and something most of us struggle with (yes, even me! Ha!). Learning that we can’t control everything in our lives is a major struggle, but something that is so valuable. It’s a lesson you really learn in your high school years, amid the stress of senior year and the excitement of heading to college. Often, many of my junior and senior clients face obstacles as they finish up their high school careers, and I always admire seeing how they handle them with grace and determination. For Maycie, one of my recent senior clients, one of these obstacles was that their family home flooded during the huge hurricane last year. It was a very difficult time, but they relied on their faith and each other, and made it through. Maycie explained that the experience really showed her that God is in control, and that she isn’t in charge of anything in her life…a very meaningful although difficult lesson. The Needville High School seniors also credits her mom with teaching her many valuable lessons, adding, “My mom is an amazing women, and I look up to her…she started having adult responsibilities at a very young age, and she is strong because of that. I love her, and would never trade her for another mom!” 

Besides the obvious growing and learning she did in high school, this bright young lady also was part of many clubs and activities at Needville. She was in the National Honor Society, and also held a part time job at a local coffee shop, which kept her very busy. During the last few years, she has gained a real passion for the medical field, and the help it provides to those who need it. She plans to attend college to become a physician’s assistant, and I know she will be amazing! She has a really giving spirit. When Maycie and her parents were looking for senior photographers, they settled on my work and I am sure glad they did. We did this entire session at a place very close to her heart: her home! Yes, every image except the ones with the truck, were done at their family’s yard, and the tree she’s sitting in is one where she loves to hunt. 

Maycie, I am grateful to be a small part of your senior year, and hope these photos always remind you of your hard work and how far you’ve come. You have so much to be proud of!

Creations by Jewel_Texas_Country_Hunting.jpg
Creations by Jewel_red truck_Retro Senior Photos_Fulshear Texas.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Hunting_Texas_Senior Photos.jpg
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Creations by Jewel_Country Girl_Goat_Pet_Senior Photos.jpg
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Abby's Senior Session | Texas Senior Photographer

“Find out who you are, and do it on purpose”. -Dolly Parton

I hear a common misconception among the seniors who come to me for senior portraits. Many of them think that the must choose just one “look” during the shoot, and that it must be bohemian, urban, or modern. I really want every client to know that we can do multiple looks during the photo session, and that it doesn’t make you less authentic. I believe every senior can put their own spin on any outfit or location, and make it “them”. For Abby’s session (below), we showed off her love for softball, her love for high fashion, and her adorable everyday style! With each outfit change, we also chose an appropriate location, and I am head over heels for the way the ones with the granite steps came out. All of these images represent Abby and her journey in high school, and just because they are all different, doesn’t make her session less impactful. If you are struggling with coming up with your theme or style, I am always here to help, and enjoy guiding clients to find what will make them feel most confident. We really get to know our clients on a personal level, and find out their passions and interests, in order to capture them in their best light.

Abby is graduating from Needville High School, and will be attending A&M Commerce to play softball when he graduates. She is incredibly bright, fun and interesting, and a joy to talk to. Right now, she is currently on a special trip to Amsterdam (lucky girl!), and I cannot wait to hear about her adventures when she gets home. Congratulations, Abby!

Creations by Jewel_senior photos_softball_Texas.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Senior photos_glam_Texas.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Senior_Houston Texas_.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Texas Softball_Class of 2019.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Senior Pictures_glam.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Fulshear Texas_senior.jpg

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Five Tips to Find The Perfect Senior Photographer

Milestones are a big deal. At this point in your life, you’ve already hit a good deal of them, like taking your first steps and entering your teenage years. Now that your teen years are almost over, you’re about to hit your next milestone: graduating high school! You’ve worked incredibly hard to get here, and now it’s time to celebrate and take one of your first steps into adulthood. I wrote about how important an event it is in a previous blog, and since it’s so important, it’s going to be one you’ll want to remember, and remember well. That’s why you’ll want to find a good, professional senior photographer to capture it in a way that does justice to your work and your personality. To help you do just that, here are five tips on how to find the perfect photographer for your senior photos.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

Take some time to look around

Don’t rush into anything. One of the biggest things to look for in a photographer is their ability to make you feel comfortable. If you’re uncomfortable in your photos, it’s going to show through in the pictures you go home with. But how are you supposed to figure out if someone you haven’t met will make you feel at home in front of their lens? Well, one of the best ways is to look at their reviews. What have their clients said about their experience? Another way is to look back over their portfolio. If you’re not a fan of their past work, pass them by. A bit of research goes a long way when it comes to something as once-in-a-lifetime as your senior pictures, and trusted referrals are your best friend.

Involve your parents

Some of you just had shivers run up your spine. But trust me, their perspective is invaluable. Maybe your parents had their senior photos taken as well, and they regret wearing the funky trends of their time. How many of us “old people” do you know that have an embarrassing hairstyle we rocked way back when, or some stylin’ clothes that, for good reason, aren’t around today? Your parents might be able to give you some great style advice for your senior session, because they’ve been through it themselves. Your senior session is all about you and your style, yes! But most often, it’s your parents that know you better than you know yourself. Getting them involved beyond financing your shoot might be the best thing you could do for your session!

Value Connection

Being able to connect with your photographer might not seem as important, but here’s why: they should be able to understand your vision for your session, and bring it to life. You’ll want to find someone whose biggest goal is to capture the real you (like me!), otherwise they’ll just be interested in what they think looks good. They might be able to give you nice-looking photos, but not photos that reflect who you are. And who you are is what your senior session is all about!

Think about your wardrobe

Most often, picking out the perfect outfit is a lot easier than it sounds. Since your shoot is all about you, what you like to wear the most will be the perfect outfit! Maybe you like to dress up all fancy, or you like the more modern and urban take, or maybe for you it’s all about boho - no matter which it is, your favorite look is the one that’s going to look the best on you. To make it easier, get a friend or two to help with narrowing it down to a couple outfits, and get your parents’ advice on what looks best. Make sure that you’re bringing your favorite outfits to your senior session, and you can’t go wrong!

Source: Kamdora

Source: Kamdora

Think about the end result

Everything’s digital these days, it seems like. Call me old fashioned, but I still love physical prints of my favorite photos. If you’re like me, then getting a disk of your senior photos just won’t be enough. Some photographers save you the step of finding a good printer for your pictures by providing those services themselves, and it’s worth looking into if you’re someone who likes to frame their pictures. If the photographer is printing their own work, you know they’re going to handle it well, and that you’ll get some quality prints for your graduation announcements/invitations. Easy is nice!

You’re at such an exciting point in your life! You’ve worked so hard to get here, and you deserve to have some wonderful photos to commemorate your efforts. If you’re looking for a senior photographer who’s dedicated to your experience and satisfaction, contact me here to book your senior session with me today!



Kacie - Bremond High School

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. 
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
–Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Kacie has big dreams to become a lawyer, and I have no doubt she will achieve her goal. She's kind, driven, and as she says, "a little bit crazy"! I enjoyed meeting this Class of 2018 graduate, who hails from Bremond High School here in Texas. One thing she is extremely proud of, is making the varsity team for basketball, a task she said took "a lot of hard work." When she's not focused on her schoolwork and basketball, she enjoys spending her downtime at the lake, and listening to country music (some of her favorites are Luke Bryan and George Strait). Kacie adds that the book The Green Mile was also highly influential in her life, and that her biggest role model in life would be her grandmother, who she describes as "strong". Lastly, when asked how she would want her classmates to remember her in twenty years, Kacie responded, "I hope they remember me as someone who was extremely brave". 

Planning her senior photos was so much fun, and a task I was eager to take on. She was hoping to have a stunning, glamorous look, and we really achieved that. Kacie is definitely a girl who has a classic and elegant look, and her outfits (including a tunic blouse and awesome jewelry) all suited her personality and style. This bold senior shared that she is on social media often, and that's one of the reasons we try to keep our social channels active here at Creations by Jewel! You can find us over on Facebook HERE!

Creations by Jewel_Central Texas photography_senior girl.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Bremond Texas_senior photography.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Texas Senior  photography_nature.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Class of 2018_Central Texas.jpg
Creations by Jewel_black and white_Senior girl pictures.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Central Texas_Senior girl photography.jpg
Creations by Jewel_senior girl_photography.jpg



Allie's Fun Senior Shoot - Senior Photos in Houston, Texas

I may be aging myself by saying this, but when I saw these finished images, I thought of the song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", because we had such a great time. Allie is a beautiful gal you may have previously seen here on the blog. If you missed her earlier blogs, you can read them HERE and HERE, and read more about the vision behind my senior photography.  She is such a wonderful young woman, and one of my favorite people to work with, because of her great attitude. Attitude really is everything when it comes to senior photos, and being up for whatever comes your way, or when inspiration strikes! This shoot was truly "just for fun", and it was everything we hoped.

I was able to utilize The West Studios for this session, which is one of my favorite places to shoot. It is a gorgeous space that photographers can rent when they want a white, natural light setting for a fun shoot like this one. We chose several outfits and props for Allie, and I loved the feel of her tie and hat ensemble. She also looked adorable when we added some cheery headphones for an editorial style series. As you can see from her earlier blogs, she really can pull off any look we tried, from retro hollywood glam to classic black-and-white photos. 

I hope these brighten your week! If you have something special in mind for a shoot of your own, please let me know. I love helping make your dreams come to life, and I truly try to listen to every idea, no matter how involved they might be!

Creations by Jewel_Senior girls_Houston Texas.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Houston_West Studio_Star Wars_comic book.jpg
Creations by Jewel _Senior girl_fun_dance.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Senior_Houston Texas_confetti fun.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Senior_fun_comic books_M&Ms.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Senior girls photos_mirror.jpg



Why Do Senior Pictures Matter?

Milestones are something that I consider often, as a photographer and a mother. I remember the milestones of my own little ones, like newborn photos and those blurry first days in the hospital. Then come those toddler years, and then school photos, replete with missing teeth, pigtails, glasses, or braces. In between, snapshots with friends, and maybe a yearly family photo or two. So, why is the senior year so important? Typically, senior photos are the last professional photos before a wedding day (yes, I am serious!), so I cannot underscore enough how monumental they are...the time does not come back to us. The era of high school is brief and beautiful, and over far too soon. I also know that senior year is full of so many opportunities to spend money (cringe), and often, parents try to pinch pennies in every area that they can. Oh, how I understand this as a mom...I know that graduation expenses, that gorgeous cap and gown, announcements, parties, and college visits (not to mention college itself) can empty your wallet faster than you can imagine. But I beg of you this: please don't skimp on senior photos for your son or daughter. Your friend or your cousin may have a "fancy new DSLR", and you may be tempted to just let them snap a few photos. 

I will admit that I am not the typical photographer, in that I didn't pick up a camera years and years ago, and fall in love with it. I loved taking pictures, but did not make the point to get professional pictures more than a couple of times in their (my three boys) lives. Senior pictures were not a “thing” yet in the rural area we lived when my oldest graduated. We had a friend who was just starting out and she did take some senior pictures for me, for which I was so grateful for, especially in hindsight (remember this was not a “thing” where we were) Not to mention, that money has always been an issue for our family, and this was just not deemed as a necessity.  As their childhood and adulthood continued, I really understood the importance of printing photos as well.  We never race back into the fire for a precious USB or CD, we race to the albums, the scrapbooks, and the framed photos. This is because of technology changes. Could you even imagine trying to get things off a floppy anymore without it becoming an ordeal?  But a print in your hand or off the wall is what becomes a true heirloom. 

Think of senior photos as building your legacy, one image at a time. Senior year is irreplaceable, and so is the experience of senior portraits! 

Creations by Jewel_BFF pictures_Foster High School.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Binder Gardens_Richmond Texas.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Senior boy_Houston Texas.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Senior girl_Country_haybales.jpg



Nathan - Foster High School Seniors

Foster High School is one of our area schools, and has great programs for all of it’s many students! It’s located in Richmond, Texas, and has a rich history behind the story of the founders. Many of our local high schoolers have called it home, including this guy, Nathan Haley. He is a graduate from Foster High School, and is now attending Texas Lutheran University. During his time in high school, he participated in golf, and says “the golf course is my favorite place on earth.” He has a big personality, and would describe himself as, “outgoing, competitive, and friendly”. Although high school was a really positive experience and he didn’t have many obstacles, he worked quite hard to keep his grades up and dreams of one day starting up his own business. “The Internship really was a book that was impactful to me”, he explains, “I also greatly look up to my dad. He is someone who is really knowledgeable, and looks at things different than other people.” Among his other favorites are: President Donald Trump, his Patagonia hoodie, and celebrity Jennifer Lawrence. 

I loved meeting him, and integrating all of his many accomplishments into this shoot. I especially liked adding in his varsity jacket that proudly showed off his state qualification in golf. One of the main things I express to my senior clients, is my personal desire to show off the many sides of being a senior in high school; whether that's sports, art, music, or career preparation. I am so proud to work with high schoolers, and feel grateful to be a part of their lives. 

I know Nathan has a very full time ahead of him at Texas Lutheran!

Creations by Jewel_Senior male_letterman jacket.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Senior guy_golf_Texas.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Senior guy_Richmond Texas.jpg
Creations by Jewel_seniorphotography_RichmondTexas.jpg
Creations by Jewel_senior guy photos_RichmondTexas.jpg
Creations by Jewel_senior boy pictures_Texas.jpg



Kathryn's Senior Photos - Katy, Texas Senior Photographer

As soon as I found out what a talented dancer Kathryn was, I began dreaming up how to incorporate her passion and skill into her shoot, in a creative way. I knew that such a smart, stylish, and amazing young woman would require me to truly bring my A-game (though I always try to bring that to my sessions!). Sure enough, Kathryn didn’t disappoint, and I think we really were able to capture every aspect of her wonderful personality! She’s a graduate of Foster High School, and during her time there, she was part of the National Honor Society, and the Foster Flairs drill team (where she was a Colonel). “One obstacle I faced in high school was keeping up with my extra-curricular activities”, she explained, “I also needed to maintain good grades, and I really learned the art of time management. My dance teacher, Mr. Adamson, was instrumental in teaching me grace, commitment, and perseverance.” 

As someone who describes herself as “determined, optimistic, and passionate”, she shared that she hoped her classmates would remember her as someone who was passionate about animals, and committed to dance.” Besides her many academic pursuits, she also enjoyed working with the Adamson Ballet Company, and working as a veterinarian assistant. “My dream job would certainly be a veterinarian, or a dance teacher,” she added. A few other things about Kathryn; she says her favorite place on earth would be Hawaii, and that her favorite color is maroon. She also loves Daryl Dixon (from the Walking Dead), and enjoys going to the movies when she has a day off. 

A special thanks to this beautiful young lady for choosing me to be her senior photographer, and giving me the honor of designing this special moment in your life!




The Senior Shoot You Dream Of! | Houston Texas Senior Photos

Most of my clients begin dreaming about their senior session during sophomore or junior year, but some begin as early as freshman year! It’s because your senior photos mark a momentous time in your life; a time that is irreplaceable and special. There are so many things that call for your time and attention during high school, including college applications, scholarship interviews, part-time jobs, etc, but I always encourage my clients to think about what they want their senior photos to look like. It’s important that you know what you want, so you can communicate to your photographer, the things you love and want to include.  

I’ve seen enough standard school photos, or senior photos that look posed and stiff, and I know you want more than that! Whether you want a retro feel, something that incorporates sports or music/hobbies, or a big accomplishment, we can work it into your shoot to make it a reflection of you. This beautiful girl had a few different themes, including glam/vintage hollywood feel, and then some images in Downtown Houston. We also did some studio photos indoors, that came out beautifully. All of them reflected some part of her personality…that’s what I hope for all of my clients! These also really capture true emotions, and I loved her thoughtful expressions.

Of course, to begin planning your perfect shoot, you have to contact me! Let's get started today!

Creations by Jewel_Senior Girl Vintage Hollywood.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Senior Girl Glam.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Houston Texas_Senior Portrait.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Senior girl_black and white.jpg
Creations by Jewel_black and white_glamour.jpg