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Jackson's Senior Session

There’s something about a great, simple, outdoor session. It feels All-American, and a big nostalgic. There wasn’t a better fit than Jackson for a session like this: he’s a no-nonsense, kind, and interesting young man, and he loves the outdoors. I really enjoyed meeting his older sister a few years ago, and doing her senior photos as well. Hunting and fishing are two of his favorite past-times, and he also enjoys anything that has to do with Jeeps or old cars. He started his own mobile detailing company this year, and it’s going very well (what an entrepreneur!). In his spare time, he enjoys being with his friends, and training his dog Goose (who is pictured) to be a hunting dog. Lastly, he spends time volunteering in the PALS program, which matches older students with younger ones in order to be mentors and role models.

We chose an outdoor location with pretty trees and a small body of water, and we were blessed with blue skies when we met up. I wanted him to be able to have plenty of room to include his beloved dog, and to also show off his truck. Jackson is heading for more exciting adventures after graduation, and I hope to be front and center to watch his endeavors. 

Some people really love the outdoors, but others prefer an urban, downtown look for their personal style, or to show off a hobby or idea. I love showing off whatever you have in mind, and planning your shoot accordingly. 

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William | Foster High School Senior

It’s hard to believe that we have already reached the last of my 2018 seniors, but here we are! I also can’t believe how many amazing young people I have been blessed to work with this year. William, who graduated this spring, is from Foster High School, and really made the most of his years there. He was involved in typical activities like swimming, water polo, and the National Honor Society, which of course are commendable and took tons of hard work…but the main thing I was so impressed with is that he put in over 500 hours of volunteer hours in high school. He was part of a youth education effort at the Houston Zoo, and he tutored at his school (in all levels of math). In addition to these pursuits, he put in time coaching the 12 and under water polo team, and worked tirelessly with the Junior Olympics program in California. I was astonished at the sheer amount of time he put into his volunteer work, and how incredible it is to find such a selfless young man. He’s also a delightful person to be around, and I truly loved his mom as well! William is nicknamed “The Great White Whale” because of his prowess in water polo, and he will be attending Austin College in Sherman, Texas to continue his passion for the sport. In his future, he dreams of one day becoming a professor.

I knew such an extraordinary senior would need a cool and unique place to do his session, so you might be surprised to know that we did his shoot at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, because their front porch location is beautiful. It might seem odd to choose that spot, but I always try to look for the potential in a locale anywhere I go. It leads me to some of the best and most unexpected places, that my seniors totally love. William, I am so proud of your accomplishments, but moreso for your character. I know you will be an incredible asset to Austin College, where they are so lucky to have your intellect and your heart! Congratulations!

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Tyler's Senior Session - Foster High School

When a session pushes me to be creative, and come up with fresh ideas, it’s always exciting to me. So, when Tyler shared that he loves trains, the Rosenberg Railroad Museum was the perfect choice for an unique senior session. The Railroad Museum is nestled in downtown Rosenberg, and is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. There are endless things to look at, including scale models of trains, and a restored, historic railcar. It was opened sixteen years ago, but many of the models and acquisitions took many years to put together before the first visitor. I loved it, and enjoyed looking at the many exhibits as we did Tyler’s session. Tyler is part of the graduating class from Foster High School, and is part of the high school band. “Fun, creative, and adventurous” are the words he’d use to describe himself, and he dreams of one day being a train engineer. 

Tyler looks up to his dad, because of the way he pushes him to be his best, and hopes his classmates remember him as a great friend. He was really excited for his senior session, which made my job pretty great. He is a really kind young man, and has a very quick smile. Of course, his love of trains made him very comfortable on the museum grounds. If you are a parent of a senior (or a senior yourself), you may be wondering how to incorporate your passions and hobbies. Perhaps you love something like trains or music, and I'd love to know that when you book with me. I can scout out special locations, or think up new ways to add in your props or's one of my favorite things to be able to customize your shoot!

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Nathan - Foster High School Seniors

Foster High School is one of our area schools, and has great programs for all of it’s many students! It’s located in Richmond, Texas, and has a rich history behind the story of the founders. Many of our local high schoolers have called it home, including this guy, Nathan Haley. He is a graduate from Foster High School, and is now attending Texas Lutheran University. During his time in high school, he participated in golf, and says “the golf course is my favorite place on earth.” He has a big personality, and would describe himself as, “outgoing, competitive, and friendly”. Although high school was a really positive experience and he didn’t have many obstacles, he worked quite hard to keep his grades up and dreams of one day starting up his own business. “The Internship really was a book that was impactful to me”, he explains, “I also greatly look up to my dad. He is someone who is really knowledgeable, and looks at things different than other people.” Among his other favorites are: President Donald Trump, his Patagonia hoodie, and celebrity Jennifer Lawrence. 

I loved meeting him, and integrating all of his many accomplishments into this shoot. I especially liked adding in his varsity jacket that proudly showed off his state qualification in golf. One of the main things I express to my senior clients, is my personal desire to show off the many sides of being a senior in high school; whether that's sports, art, music, or career preparation. I am so proud to work with high schoolers, and feel grateful to be a part of their lives. 

I know Nathan has a very full time ahead of him at Texas Lutheran!

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