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Things to do in Houston in the Summer

Here in the great state of Texas, we know how to beat the heat year round but sometimes, we need new things to keep us busy! Whether you’re brand new to our gorgeous area, or you’ve lived here for ages, you might enjoy this list of things to do as you make your summer bucket list!

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor: This water park started as “wet and wild” splash park, and has since become one of the Six Flags attractions. It’s even better now, with improved rides and things to do, and you can even sign up for their new “meal plan” to enjoy it all summer long. Don’t miss the Vortex and Tornado rides, where you can beat the Houston heat while enjoying heart-stopping thrills!

Top Golf: These unique spots are popping up all over the US, because they are so much fun! It combines the fun of golf and skee-ball, with an interactive environment complete with food and drinks. You will love gathering with your friends and family to try this new take on the outdated mini-golf.

Escape rooms: These are the ultimate thing to do with friends or family. Consider trying an escape room with your graduating class, your best friends before your graduate, or for a family reunion! Most allow players of all ages to pair up with older ones if needed, and you can choose a more tame theme for something family-friendly. There are even some super spooky ones if you want to go around Halloween!

Space Center Houston: You can take a guided tour to the space center, where you’ll visit America’s history with the NASA space program, or you can simply head there yourself to view the many replicas and historical pieces (including rocks brought back from actual missions). TripAdvisor offers the specialty guided tours, that also include the Johnston space center as well. 

Photography tour: TripAdvisor also offers the Mural Tour, which is perfect for any influencers or Instagram-lovers! You’ll see some of the coolest paintings, artwork, walls and more that you can hop off and document immediately. It’s about 30 minutes long, and ends with a sweet treat. Well worth the $65 price tag, and perfect for gathering up your girlfriends and your smart phones!

Pack brunch and a picnic: There are countless, gorgeous parks in the Houston area, and all you have to do is head to a local grocer (we love Whole Foods) to snag your favorite goodies for the perfect summer afternoon. We recommend picking up salamis, fruit, cheese, crackers, sparkling water, and Marconi almonds for the best lunch spread ever. Then, decide whether you want to go to Discovery Park, Memorial Park, or Buffalo Bayou for your perfect lunch. 

Sunset movies at Rooftop Cinema Club: This is such a super-chic way to enjoy a movie. They screen classic and new movies, but the seats are limited so you’ll have to get there early. There are snacks available for purchase, and everyone gets wireless headphones so you can hear the movie and watch the sunset. It’s a one of a kind experience! 



Jackson's Senior Session

There’s something about a great, simple, outdoor session. It feels All-American, and a big nostalgic. There wasn’t a better fit than Jackson for a session like this: he’s a no-nonsense, kind, and interesting young man, and he loves the outdoors. I really enjoyed meeting his older sister a few years ago, and doing her senior photos as well. Hunting and fishing are two of his favorite past-times, and he also enjoys anything that has to do with Jeeps or old cars. He started his own mobile detailing company this year, and it’s going very well (what an entrepreneur!). In his spare time, he enjoys being with his friends, and training his dog Goose (who is pictured) to be a hunting dog. Lastly, he spends time volunteering in the PALS program, which matches older students with younger ones in order to be mentors and role models.

We chose an outdoor location with pretty trees and a small body of water, and we were blessed with blue skies when we met up. I wanted him to be able to have plenty of room to include his beloved dog, and to also show off his truck. Jackson is heading for more exciting adventures after graduation, and I hope to be front and center to watch his endeavors. 

Some people really love the outdoors, but others prefer an urban, downtown look for their personal style, or to show off a hobby or idea. I love showing off whatever you have in mind, and planning your shoot accordingly. 

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Ways to Cultivate Gratitude

It’s that time of year again! For some, it’s a time of year to focus on what they might get, but the true spirit of the season is in focusing on what you can give. The key to a heart set on generosity is in having a heart well acquainted with thankfulness. Being thankful, even in just a simple “thank you” in response to a kindness shown towards you, is intimately connected with positivity. While the Thanksgiving holiday is a great reminder of what we should be focusing on, the truth is that we should be just as grateful every day of the year. But how do you do that? Well, here are a few tips!


-Start small: When things hit hard, they jostle your perspective. You could start the day happy and joyful, but then the harsh realities of life become a bit too hard to handle, and your mood sinks. Gratefulness is the ballast that will keep you afloat in a storm, and you’re building a foundation for yourself every day. But strong foundations aren’t built in a day, it’s a process that takes time - and it all starts with a simple thank you. Starting small and reaching out in kindness and gratitude towards others, even when you desperately don’t want to, will be your anchor in the storm. Start small, and you’ll reap the rewards later!

-Stay present: If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ve gone through a time where the future just wasn’t too bright. Everyone goes through times where their minds are on anything but the present, but there’s a certain joy that only comes from being truly thankful for where you’re at. If you can live in the moment and experience what is going on as it happens, you will discover many joys once overlooked. Cultivating a habit of living in the present, and being thankful for it, will give you a positive outlook both towards the future and the past.

-Never compare: In this season, it’s so easy to compare yourself to others, especially in the things that other people can afford. The Christmas season is coming, and for those who celebrate, you’ll see them walking around with big presents to give. Or if you celebrate Thanksgiving, you might feel the sting of jealousy as you compare your cooking to someone else’s. But true gratitude comes from finding joy in the ways others have been blessed, and giving thanks for what they’ve been given. That way you’re reorienting a heart set on comparing (and envying) to instead find joy in others.

Those are just a few ways you can find gratitude every day, and there are many more ways to do it! What are some ways that you’re cultivating gratitude each day?

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Emma | Teen Photography in Houston, Texas

You may remember that I recently talked about utilizing creative locations. I believe you can find inspiration everywhere, and that doing so is one of my strengths! A fun fact about this shoot is that we set a “studio” up right in this young lady’s home…proof you truly can get professional, stunning portraits just about anywhere with some hard work and ingenuity! Emma attends Wertheimer Middle School and is in the 6th grade. She will graduate as part of the Class of 2025, but that’s a few years away, so for now she’s focused on keeping her grades up and living her life in a positive way. “I’d describe myself as loyal and generous”, she shared, “I recently say the movie ‘Wonder’, and that really changed the way I view people. I hope people remember me in twenty years for being a nice person”. Emma dreams of being a hunting guide one day, and really looks up to female role models who have forged ahead in this field, such as Melissa Bachman “because she is the only female hunter that has her own show on the hunting channel and she is so inspiring!” I know Emma is well on her way to becoming an inspiration to other strong young women.

In her spare time, this beautiful young lady enjoys spending time with family and friends, and listening to music by Kenny Chesney and Rachel Platten (she loves the song ‘Fight Song’). For her professional portraits, we kept things simple with classic and solid colored attire. It kept the focus on her incredible eyes! We also added an elegant Michael Kors jacket with a fur hood to lend texture and interest to a few shots. I had a hard time choosing a favorite image, because these all capture her strength and grace. You may have noticed that she’s not yet a senior in high school, but I shoot portraits of many kinds. The teen years are some of the best times to have a photo session done, because many people only have baby pictures and then seniors photos; missing those wonderful years in between. If you’re looking for a portrait photographer, please let us know!

creations by jewel_studio_middle school_Texas.jpg
Creations by Jewel _studio_Long Meadow Farms_Texas.jpg
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Five Reasons to Find Your Senior Photographer Early!

Procrastination is never an ideal habit, but if you're procrastinating in senior year, it may cost you....literally and figuratively. Some of the biggest deadlines of your life will occur in senior year, and they can truly chart the course ahead of you. That senior project can teach you diligence and hard work and can impact your G.P.A., those scholarship deadlines can help you avoid a mound of student loan debt, and deadlines to visit colleges or job prospects can land you the situation you've dreamed of. But there is one deadline and priority you may be forgetting about: your senior photos. Yes, it's true. And, if you're smart, you'll find that awesome photographer early's why:

-Booking early gets you the best date possible: Just like a wedding venue, looking around early on and checking out all your options means that you're more likely to find what you're wanting. And, if you have a particular season (like the heat of summer or the pretty leaves of fall) in mind, then you'll need to book early on to snag the best dates. Booking early also ensures you will be some of the first to have your images done and ready to show off to friends and family. 


-Finding your photographer early makes sure that you're first: If you are trying a new prop, have an innovative idea, or doing something unique, you want to be the first one to do so! Instead of looking like you followed the trends of your friends, you will be the trend setter! They will probably want to follow in your footsteps, and they may even use your images as examples! This is great for the fashion-forward senior who wants to make a strong impression.

-Booking your senior shoot early means you're ready for things that need photos: By doing your senior photos early on, you will be prepared for graduation announcements early, and have them ready to be mailed out on time. This also benefits you because your friends and family can get your invites and party invitations early and put them on the calendar. In addition, you will have gorgeous photos to use for job interviews, scholarship applications, headshots, or anything else you may need. If your school allows, you will also have your senior portrait ready for the yearbook that you'll treasure for years.


-Finding your photographer early gives you time to save money: Knowing just how much your senior photos will cost (packages, products, etc) will give you a tangible amount to begin saving for or paying off. Sometimes, this means that you will be able to purchase more images and heirloom items than if you waited till the last minute, when your wallet and your expenses are tightened up. If you're not the one footing the bill, then it will give you time to help discuss the budget with your family, and decide how much to set aside.

-Getting your photographer booked helps you plan your wardrobe: Knowing when and where your session is will prepare you for finding your awesome outfits. If you're a guy, you may not be too excited about this, but you definitely do not want to be looking for a cool outfit the day before your session by booking too late. Preparing for your senior session very early means you can find that "dream dress" and not worry about getting it in the mail in time, or needing alterations. 

As you can see, the earlier you book with us, the better! Contact us today to make it happen, and we will help you find the best time available!



Elizabeth's Senior Session in Quintana Beach

I don't know who had a better time during this senior session: me or this beautiful girl! Meeting Elizabeth, a gorgeous senior from Columbia High School, confirmed for me that I truly have the best job in the world. I love meeting every senior who I am lucky enough to cross paths with, but she sure had a special spark in her personality. Her friends would likely describe her as "funny, pretty, and outgoing", and I think they'd be really accurate. At Columbia, she enjoys spending time with her friends and in her spare time, she enjoys barbecuing, and spending time with her beloved dogs. One of her favorite books is "Miracles from Heaven", which solidified her faith and made her realized "how powerful God is". Elizabeth also shared with me that the person who inspires her most is her Meme, and that she hopes her classmates remember her as someone who was sweet and caring. 

Elizabeth likes cute and stylish clothing, and especially wearing sandals. We included some classic and elegant pieces like her navy dress into the session, and everything really looked beautiful against the backdrop of the beach. During her high school years, she endured a tragic miscarriage (shared with her permission), and that is why the angel wings below are featured. I admire her courage in sharing her story, and how she overcame such a difficult time. Although she hasn't decided what her dream job will be in the future, I know she will really achieve something wonderful. She has strength and confidence that will take her very far in life! 

Creations by Jewel_Senior Photography_Texas.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Richmond Senior Photographer.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Angel Wings_Senior Photography.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Texas Seniors.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Senior 2018_Quintana Beach.jpg



The 4-1-1 on Summer Jobs!

Want to earn some extra money this summer? You may be thinking of how to do just that, but aren't sure where to start. Whether you are saving up for college expenses, yearning for a new car, or just hoping to have some extra spending money for smoothies and shopping, it all takes earning a paycheck. You're in luck! We are going to show you how to land a summer job to be proud of:

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

1) Spruce up your resume: You can use a free design program like Canva to create a beautiful template type resume and then fill it in with your own information and images. It is NEVER a good idea to lie on a resume. Not only is it unethical/illegal, it could cost you your job and hurt future opportunities if your boss or HR found out that you had written down experience or education that you didn't have. Instead, be sure to expand upon anything you have accomplished, such as scholarships, babysitting experience, even housesitting or volunteer work. You want to demonstrate a strong work ethic, with reliable sources. Make sure you also list out relevant skills like microsoft word, Excel, typing speed, speaking other languages, etc.

2) Find great references: Your bestie may be your brunch buddy and shopping partner, but they may not be the best job reference. You want to list people who are able to speak about your character or your work ethic. If you've never had a job before, consider teachers, ministers, or school officials who may be able to eloquently outline character traits and things you're good at. Make sure you ask permission before listing anyone on your resume and giving out their contact information.

3) Don't fall for scams: Don't ever go on a job interview without telling someone else where you are going. Don't go to any jobs that lack a real description, or appear to be vague. Don't ever sign anything you've not read thoroughly, and show your parents any paperwork that is given to you before signing it. Jobs that say things like "modeling gigs" or "nannying" (especially on Craigslist with anonymous numbers listed) can be scams, so make sure you check out any websites, associated phone numbers, etc, before you go to an interview. 

4) Network where you are at: Asking around your local church, school, or places of business are all great ideas. If you're wanting a job in a specific field (such as a dentist office or a clothing boutique), it can be beneficial to find someone who has worked for a long time in the industry and ask them if they might have leads for you. Local connections are also ideal because they are face to face and help you avoid falling into any scam ads or things that look "too good to be true". You can even keep copies of your resume in your car if anyone wants to see it.

5) If you cannot find a regular summer job, get creative: If you have a special skill, think of ways to use it to earn money. Some examples would be: tutoring family or friends in reading or math skills, teaching singing or violin lessons if you play an instrument or sing, writing for a local newspaper if you have strong writing skills, teaching art or craft classes for young children.  You may be able to find enough side jobs to earn a little extra money. Doing side jobs is also a great way to keep a more flexible schedule in the summer. 



Sydnie | Richmond, Texas Senior Photographer

What does it mean to be a young woman these days? It's gotten quite a lot of attention recently in the media, and it's inspired lots of women to stand up for themselves. I am so encouraged by the young women I have met as a senior photographer, because I have seen how this generation is strong and beautiful and so ready to serve their communities. I think that goes so much deeper than just being "pretty", though this senior is totally gorgeous inside and out. Meet Sydnie, from Bremond High School. At her school, she is involved in NAHS, and FCCLA (which is the Family, career, and community leaders of America program), and she describes herself as "artistic and honest". Painting is one of her favorite hobbies, and always the way she'd choose to spend a free afternoon! Sydnie also puts her artistic skills to use as a budding photographer, and hopes to one day make a name for herself in the field. 

Since I found out her "favorite place on earth" is the beach, we incorporated that as her session location. Quintana Beach is one of my favorite spots to get breezy, earthy images, and Sydnie was right at home there. She brought along a beautiful, ruffled pink dress that was lots of fun to shoot, and it really brought out her creative side. A few other fun tidbits about her: she was very inspired after reading the book Miracles from Heaven,  her favorite song is Heaven by country singer Kane Brown, and her favorite colors are pink and mint green! One more fun thing about this shoot is that Sydnie is my niece, and attended school with my son, Dalton. I feel lucky to know this darling girl, and so proud of her amazing accomplishments.

Creations by Jewel_Letterman jacket_Senior photos.jpg
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Creations by Jewel_Senior pictures_cap and gown.jpg
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Tyler's Senior Session - Foster High School

When a session pushes me to be creative, and come up with fresh ideas, it’s always exciting to me. So, when Tyler shared that he loves trains, the Rosenberg Railroad Museum was the perfect choice for an unique senior session. The Railroad Museum is nestled in downtown Rosenberg, and is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. There are endless things to look at, including scale models of trains, and a restored, historic railcar. It was opened sixteen years ago, but many of the models and acquisitions took many years to put together before the first visitor. I loved it, and enjoyed looking at the many exhibits as we did Tyler’s session. Tyler is part of the graduating class from Foster High School, and is part of the high school band. “Fun, creative, and adventurous” are the words he’d use to describe himself, and he dreams of one day being a train engineer. 

Tyler looks up to his dad, because of the way he pushes him to be his best, and hopes his classmates remember him as a great friend. He was really excited for his senior session, which made my job pretty great. He is a really kind young man, and has a very quick smile. Of course, his love of trains made him very comfortable on the museum grounds. If you are a parent of a senior (or a senior yourself), you may be wondering how to incorporate your passions and hobbies. Perhaps you love something like trains or music, and I'd love to know that when you book with me. I can scout out special locations, or think up new ways to add in your props or's one of my favorite things to be able to customize your shoot!

Creations by Jewel_senior guy_letterman jacket_Rosenberg Texas.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Rosenberg Railroad Museum_senior guy photos.jpg
Creations by Jewel_senior boy photos_Rosenberg Texas.jpg
Creations by Jewel_black and white_senior boy.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Trains_Foster High School_senior guy.jpg
Creations by Jewel_engines_Rosenberg Railroad Museum_senior guy photos.jpg
Creations by Jewel_saxophone_senior photos_Foster High School band.jpg

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Kayla- Teen Photography in Houston, Texas

Ohhh, those teen years. I honestly don't know if given the chance, that I'd want to return to junior high. It can be so hard to maintain your own values, make and keep friends, and of course, focus on your schoolwork...all while dealing with peer pressure and a busier schedule than I remember having at that young age. But while there are many challenges of being a teen, I've found that I also love meeting and photographing junior highers and teens, because they remind me how there are so many amazing young people in the world. Sure, there are teens in the news for all sorts of horrible things, but the overwhelming sense I get as a senior and teen photographer is that they are bright, funny, kind, and lovely. They have big dreams and even bigger hearts. Kayla is one of those amazing 8th graders who I was lucky enough to photograph. She attends Briscoe Junior High School, and loves playing school sports and participating in gymnastics. 

"Honest, kind, and calm-natured" were the words Kayla used to describe herself, and I would agree. She cares deeply for her friends, and spending time with them is her ideal afternoon. "In twenty years, I hope my friends and family can look back and remember me as someone who was very positive", says Kayla. After she finished junior high and high school, she would love to become a veterinarian someday. For this teen session, she wanted photos that conveyed a "country" feel, and we found a wooded area, and a pretty field that captured that for her. She wore pretty tones of brown and blues, and it all worked together perfectly. 

Kayla, you are a delightful young woman, and I can't wait to see how your next few years unfold!

Creations by Jewel_teen photos_Richmond Texas.jpg
Creations by Jewel_Richmond Texas_teen sparkle session.jpg
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Creations by Jewel_Richmond Texas_teen pictures.jpg
Creations by Jewel _teen country session_Richmond teen photography.jpg
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